lundi 24 décembre 2012

Denmark II

Day 5 : Aros museum and others
Do you know pepper nuts (pebernødder in danish), that shit is so good! I gonna make it again and show it to you :)
Inès and me :)
Anh's friends and danish people like rainbows and unicorns ? I don't know why!!! So here, we are at the top of Aros museum and there was this big rainbow, you can walk inside of it and take some picures of the city!
Sorry for the quality but it was so dark ! So I think that your know this work of art? The Scream of Edvard Munch. It is exhibited at Aros!! So me and my friend Cédrine, we decides to make the same face as the "screamer" :
Me lol
 Cédrine :)
I really like this one!
Rainbow at night
A really tall man, with very big eyes and really tiny girl
Langkaer Gymnasium's christmas tree.
Here is Billund airport, you remember when everybody was telling that it was the end of the world on the 21st of December, I was in the plane! You can imagine! If it was true, i was goin to die in a plane a very little plane!!!! So i'm back to France :( lol
Some pictures of my mom's phone : 

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