lundi 24 décembre 2012

Denmark I

For a week, I went to Denmark with my school, I was living at a girl house called Anh & I was goin to school with her at Langkaer Gymnasium, it was snowing , raining, ant it was sooooo cold! But that was a nice week. I spent money
 Day 2 : Visiting Old Town (Den gamle by)
Day 4: Steno Museet & Aarhus University
 Good things!
Me, Marie, Sarah, Ines
Holding the earth
Evening & Night: Goin to the city & restaurant
Christmas decorations
Some art & graffitis
With my friends : Cédrine,Marie and Inès we have found a shop called Magasin and there was this it was so cool! U can make mustache with your sandwiches!
Me & Cédrine
Scarf, Shirt H&M, Pull Primark, Leggings Zara

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Salut ! Les petits visiteurs hihihi
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Hello! Little visitors hihihi
Thank you very much for your comments!